Sun shining and having fun

Such a lovely day and spent it one of the best ways, with family and photography at the Chateau Impney




Majorca 2011

After finally finishing the busy hectic Christmas period at work, I finally had time to go through the rest of my photographs from over the years and found these.

Even years ago I was snap happy and I am so glad I came across these again. Photographs can have a mix of effects on each person, and these brought back so many fun memories!

Getting Started with Nightscapes

Awesome tutorial, will try this over the coming months!

Photofocus (old site)

Winter is the perfect time to practice nighttime photography. I took advantage of the long nights during my Christmas holiday to make some photographs with a friend who hadn’t done nighttime work before, and the tips I shared with her will help you get started making stunning star pictures, too. I don’t mean this to be a comprehensive tutorial on astro photography, but these tips will get you past the frustrations of shooting at night.

Most of the terms I mention are universal, but you may need to consult your camera’s manual for specifics on your model.

Bring the Right Tools
Plan on using a wide angle lens, something like 28mm or less. It’s a given, but it’ll be dark when you’re shooting, so bring a flashlight to see the camera controls; bring a red one if you have it to save your night vision (my phone has often doubled…

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